31-12-2018 – A letter to my pupils … and their parents

Master C – in the past year, you’ve tackled your SATS and succeeded brilliantly. You took on the challenge head on and persevered to achieve great things. You have transitioned into high school and break through all the barriers in front of you to become a fantastic young man.

Miss K – You are such a kind and funny young lady. You recognise your difficulties and work hard to overcome them realising that every small step adds to the bigger goal. I’m proud of your positive attitude to learning and can’t wait to see what happens in 2019.

Master K – You have become a fluent reader, a brave writer and you are now beginning to grasp the challenges of becoming a maths wizard. You have recognised ways that help you to learn and are starting to take risks in your learning. Keep being brave in 2019.

Master R – My oldest pupil and possibly one who has made the most progress. You are like a learning sponge, every skill and technique we’ve worked through you’ve absorbed and used brilliantly. I’m so proud of your achievements and your effort to explain Rugby to me!

Master H – My Fortnite guru! You are progressing well and we will have you ready to face those dreaded SATS in no time! I blame you and your sister for my new Christmasaurus obsession. Keep working hard and we’ll get there!

Miss C – My gigglebox! You don’t half make me chuckle in our sessions. Your reading is developing well and your writing is coming along too! You are doing well on Reading Eggs and the more lessons you complete, the further on your journey we get! (nom,nom,nom,nom)

Mr T – You definitely keep our lessons active and we cover so much in an hour each week. Your enthusiasm for learning is amazing and you put in so much effort to learn as many skills as possible! Keep it up, T!

Miss C – A brilliant effort, a never ending enthusiasm to learn. You are starting to believe in yourself and it’s showing. You are on target and soon your writing will match the others. Well Done C!

Lastly, thank you to all the parents, who welcome and support me and my pupils to engage in whatever weird and wacky sessions help them to learn. I cannot wait to see what happens in 2019!



With Master C, we’ve started to focus on @readingeggs and #eggsplorer in Master C was evident today and we’ve very much seen progress from Year 6 to Year 7 and using a variety of games and activities to reinforce his literacy skills!


It’s Super Saturday!

Sorting our Miss C on her @readingeggs journey and embracing her being an #eggsplorer, all Baseline tests complete ready for her journey to begin, 8x times tables, reading comprehension and spellings!

PiXL progress and acknowledging #success as well as #failure – using the idea of Walt Disney who didn’t instantly succeed but had to persevere and work hard to achieve. A touch of mindfulness practice too, was great to see Christmas creeping in as well.

Maths madness – Singapore Maths, Column addition and 100 Square, in love with how Master K is utilising many different methods to problem solve. A bit of phonics rehearsal with Teach my Monster to read followed by some SATS question rehearsal from practice papers to familiarise him with how they look.

Last but not least, Mr T, who is also looking at his @readingeggs map and throwing himself into being an #eggsplorer. Looking at sight words, spelling and independent writing… telling tales of handprint adventures and aliens.

Now home in the dry!


So … this evening was a short one as Master R took an hour out from his evening with friends to work on his Shakespeare introduction. It’s a subject I’ve always enjoyed from Twelfth Night to Midsummer Nights Dream. Was great for discussion and research this evening! Well Done 👍


A busy hour of Reading Eggs and analysis of what sounds we’ve learnt this week, spellings and high frequency words, independent writing and experimenting with expanded noun phrases and finally demolishing three reading books confidently! Well Done Miss K!


My day began with Master H who was on form with a record breaking speed maths attempt, reading homework on the Christmasaurus completed like a legend and a really positive attitude before his best friend’s birthday party!

Then onto Miss C, who came up with a great acrostic poem for her reading homework and is starting to master those tricky 3 and 4 times tables! Well Done 👍

My Middle Man K is feeling better after missing his lesson on Thursday and boy… he is back on form! With practise SATS questions, four pages of Singapore Maths. Sight words mastered and on the final level of Teach your Monster to Read!

My last man today, Mr T did some great sight reading and has been working on his reading with the help of Reading Eggs. Two books demolished and some independent writing! A fab session 🙂

Last but by no means least … My bigger Miss C! Looking at sentence structure, blending and segmenting unfamiliar words and building up Monster Reading 🙂

And now I’m going home to relax….


My Friday nights are spent with Master R, who challenges my teaching with his creative and questioning mind. After a few weeks of Animal Farm, last night went back to creative writing, my favourite!

But writing with a twist… by being restricted to a 100 word limit, the importance of planning and word choice definitely was the order of the evening!