K’s Amazing Progress

I met K almost a month ago and cannot believe how amazing his progress is.

In the top half of this picture, you can see reversals of letters, phonetic attempts at familiar words and in some places, markmarking when faced with words he didn’t know.

Two weeks later, with a refresher in Phase 2, 3 and 4 sounds – sentences were beginning to emerge with pictorial representations to help him. Still the occasional reversal and needing some finger spaces to clarify words but a fab start!

On to the amazing “Mega Man”, where K chose all his features by writing a sentence first and then creating his person.

His letter formation is much clearer. He is starting to structure sentences with adjectives and using a conjunction to extend his thoughts because his writing has a purpose to create a character.

So very proud of his effort and hope it continues as he heads back to school too!


A busy few weeks…

I’ve had the pleasure of starting with seven new pupils ranging from five to twelve years old.

Over the next week, I will be meeting five new pupils too!

It has given me a new respect for Ipswich and some of its lovely aspects. I’ve been able to pop into Christchurch Mansion and Holywells Park. As well as walking along the developing waterfront, I’ve been spending more time in town than I used to and remembering nice restaurants and cafes, parks and buildings.

A new doctor …

With the announcement of the new #doctorwho – I’d like to quote a previous regeneration. “We’re all stories in the end; so make it a good one, eh?” It is a blessing that my #tutoring gives me as I’m able to help my pupils write their story and gain the skills to continue on their own. #ipswich #education

Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Dr Spock

It’s a quote I use with my pupils quite a lot (usually once I’ve explained who he is!)

Boosting my pupils’ confidence is one of my key aims. There are many quotes I could throw around along the lines of “If you believe it, you can do it!” And motivation is important too, but self-esteem is a huge help to confidence, motivation and success. 

I am not lost…

Working with pupils of different ages and learning styles – this quote definitely relates. Not everyone learns the same and the routes and directions always change! But the destination stays the same, just maybe with some different stops along the way. That’s why one-to-one tutoring can benefit so many pupils just by eliminating some of the distractions in their world.